Tours and Recreation

Marau Sound will exceed your expectations for unspoiled beauty, solitude, and an incredible range of recreational opportunities.

Don’t miss the chance to explore these pristine warm, clear waters teeming with colorful fish and every shape and color of coral.

We offer boat excursions throughout the sound that include visits to native villages, and uninhabited tropical isles so enchanting that they will fill your dream until your next visit.

We also provide charter fishing tours, as well as bicycling tours of the bush tracks on the Guadalcanal mainland.

We offer scuba diving for certified divers and can guide you to dive spots of which Cousteau himself only dreamed.

Costs for these excursions are extra, and vary with the number of participants. Please enquire.

Snorkel equipment is available for all guests at no charge. Our sporting equipment includes 2 sea-kayaks, and will soon include stand up paddle boards available on a first-come, first served-basis.

Massage/Spa Treatments

The luxury of an expert full-body massage while gazing through a porthole at the tranquil waters of the Coral Sea will relax your muscles and settle your soul into a tranquil and timeless state that few will ever experience. Don’t miss it!
Spa open from 8:30am / 6:00pm 7 Days a week. Prices vary. Schedule early to ensure availability.

Massages start from AUD $65.00 per hour.....US EURO AUD $$ ONLY